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Franchise Your Business

Fast Return On Investment

How Much Will It Cost To Franchise Your Business?


Franchise Your Business In Only 3 months For Either £5995 or £9995 Depending on The Package Chosen

(payable in 4 instalments)…

We do 90% of the work too… Results Guaranteed !!

NB. Our Franchise Packages includes proven Franchise Recruitment, Franchisee Finance and a fully tested ‘Industry Standard’ Franchise Agreement. These alone would normally cost you between £8,000 and £12,000 by themselves. This is the ‘BEST VALUE’ Franchise Package available.

Please visit our Testimonials Page to find out how our clients have found working with us.


At Licensing Profits we work mainly on results. We charge you an upfront fee (see below) to set up and launch the franchise for you.

Everything else is then based on results if you wish us to handle the recruitment of franchisees for you (see below). If you wish to handle the recruitment side yourself then there is no other charges beyond our upfront costs. We will even show you how to handle the recruitment of franchisees if you wish to do it yourself.


Upfront Costs

Unlike most franchise consultants we believe in being totally up front with you about what it will cost to franchise your business. We give you the complete package cost to get everything up and running properly.

The project will be made as self financing as possible but there will be an upfront investment from only £5995 (+VAT) which is payable in installments. This payment package covers the following areas:

  • Franchise Model and Blueprint which determines how the franchise moves forward
  • Franchise Prospectus
  • Industry Standard Franchise Legal Contract and Side Letter
  • Franchise Operations Manual
  • Proven Franchise Recruitment
  • Franchisee Meeting and Follow Up Process
  • Franchisee Training Plan
  • Franchise Visit Agenda and Confidentiality Agreement
  • Franchise Business Plan and Financial Forecasts which your Franchisees can use to raise finance
  • Access to our Franchise Contacts who can provide Franchisee Finance (subject to status)
  • Email Blast to our Franchise Seeker Database
  • Proven Methods to Drive Franchisee Performance

As you can see this is an extremely competitive price. We believe it is the best priced model in the market place today. Legal fees alone can cost between £5k and £10k.

NB. The only other upfront cost you will have if you haven't already done it will be to protect your name and logo which costs about £500.


Optional Marketing Package

As well as the above Franchise Package we also offer an Optional Marketing Package which would take the Final Fee to £9995 (+VAT) payable in 4 instalments.

This will be discussed in more detail with you but includes a Franchise Landing Page, paid advertising on, the UK’s Premier and best Franchise Directory including an email blast to their 70,000 Franchise Seeker Database showcasing your Franchise. We will do a quarterly Email Blast for 12 months to our Franchise Seekers Database too.


Ongoing Costs

Apart from the initial upfront costs outlined above the income received from franchisees will then make the project self financing and take it into profit.

In terms of ongoing expenses the only other costs you will incur are the costs of advertising for franchisees and any enhancements to the legal contract and marketing materials.

The costs of franchisee training, support and equipment are covered in the franchise fees, royalties and management fees.

Recruitment of Franchisees

There are two ways to handle the recruitment of franchisees:
  1. You can do it yorself - we show you how. OR
  2. Licensing Profits will do it for you.
Our services would cover:
  • Handling all enquiries and following them up
  • Qualifying potential franchisees and arranging meetings
  • Meeting potential franchisees
  • Following up potential franchisees after the meeting
  • Setting up the legal contracts and handling the arrangements for new franchisees buying into the franchise

The Recruitment Process covers any leads generated by us, or from the marketing and advertising that you do.


Franchise Success

The two KEY FACTORS for your success are Marketing your Opportunity AND having Successful Franchisees.

The biggest factor will be the success of your Franchisees. This will help determine how many Franchises are sold and the price at which each Franchise can be sold. The more successful the Franchise is, and the bigger the income opportunity for a Franchisee the greater the upfront fee you can charge AND make on the backend.


Licensing Profits Recruitment Fees

If you choose to use Licensing Profits to handle the recruitment of franchisees for you we would work on a results only basis. Our expertise is in recruiting franchisees and we earn our money from a fixed % of the franchise fees and ongoing management fees that we generate for you. Unlike most franchise advisors we only make money when you are successful.


Franchise Your Business Evaluation

To arrange a FREE Franchise Consultant Evaluation CALL US on

020 7411 9066 or 0161 452 4854


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“Mark has been a very good find, after having silly quotes of £6000 just to find out if my business was able to be franchised. Mark was on hand during the whole process and in our second month we had sold our first two franchises (now got over 40). I found the whole process quick and simple and nearly everything was completed by Mark & Julie. I would highly recommend Mark if you’re looking to franchise your business.”

Carole Davy, PetStay


“I franchised my business with Mark and it was the best business decision I made. In only one year I moved from being a sole trader to a franchisor with eight franchisees (now got over 40). I am very proud of what we have achieved and it wouldn’t have been possible without Mark. Initially I was looking for someone to help draw up the legal contracts at a reasonable price. Mark provided that for sure, but so much more! What I didn’t expect was just how hands on he would be.

Mark offered a LOT of support and advice; practical ideas on how to run certain aspects of the franchise, legal advice when signing up new franchisees and he even let me bend his ear when I was getting frustrated and needed a pep talk! I highly recommend his excellent professional and value-for-money service.”

Angela Sterling, Lingotot


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